Prices... :

2011 subscriprion:  

this is the association subscription, not necessary for foreigner skydivers if provided with an insurance valid in Italy.

Euro:  50,00

Ticket for Pond Swoop;  jumps from 1.500 mt

Euro:  15,00

Standard Freefall Ticket;   jumps from 4.000/4.300 mt
(avaliables discount ...)

Euro:  25,00

Tandem Jump, included Video on DVD :

Euro: 170,00 

AFF Course :

everything included

n 4 jumps with 2 Instructors & video on DVD

n 2 jumps with 1 Instructor & video on DVD

n 1 solo jump




110,00  Euro

35,00 Euro



School Gear Rent  
(Wings or Basik, Navigator or Equinox, CYPRES, Hand-Deploy)

Euro:   5,00

Expert Gear Rent  (Atom or Vector, PD or Safire, CYPRES, Hand-Deploy)

Euro:   5,00

Main chute Packing

Euro:   5,00

Reserve Rigging Service


Night in Bunkhouse

Euro:   5,00

 for info:
                +39.348.4065874  (english)
                +39.335.6192136   (english, francaise)