how to reach us...

second star on the right
that is the street
and stright to the morning
 thet you'll find the street
that will take you to the island that does not exixt...

FlyGang   Moli D-Zone we are in ITALY, Molinella (Bologna), street Madonna Bottarda n 1     (but it is a secret, do not tell anybody!)

 e-mail FlyGang:

 Marco Carrara tel. 335.6192136 (italian, english, francaise) 

 Stefano Volpi tel: 348.4065874 (italian, english)

 Walther Idra tel: 348.4065875 (italian)

we are located in the north-center of Italy
1 hour from Bologna International Airport  BLQ

45 minuts to Rimini Beach...

1 hour from Milan

1 hour from Florence

2 hours from Venice

2 hours from Rome

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